Boat Runs Aground After Getting Caught In Monster Surf

Vessel Aground

What turned out to be a leisurly day boating off the coast of Mission Bay turned into a boaters nightmare. While attempting to enter the Mission Bay Chanel a large set of swells pushed the small vessel into breaking surf.  The operator, knowing the vessel would flip in the huge surf if he turned around, throttled up and rode the huge wave several hundred yards to the beach. All of the passengers were able to get off the boat without injury.   Vessel Assist San Diego’s Beach Extraction Team was deployed to the location.  the Vessel was positioned and pulled onto a salvage trailer, using airbags to lift the vessel off the beach and wenches to pull the vessel onto the trailer.  The vessel sustained minor damage to the bottom from washing ashore.  Boaters really need be aware while entering harbor entrances in any weather situation. When the swell and surf is larger than normal extra caution must be used.  Staying offshore until you are lined up with the center of the channel will allow for a direct approach into the channel with little adjustment in course.  The best solution to dealing with large seas in a small boat it, don’t go out in it.  Staying in protected waters not only eliminated weather related accidents, it reduces the wear and tear on your vessel.